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1952 Via Legacy Society

Planned Giving

Members of the 1952 Via Legacy Society made gifts that fund Via through their wills and estate plans. These funds support Via’s current and future programming initiatives, ensuring our ability to grow and adapt to meet the ever-changing needs of individuals with disabilities.

Mabel A. Adams
Herman Altman
Jane C. Beitel
Agnes A. Bok
Louis J. G. Buehler
Frances L. Butts
Meyer Cohan
Donald N. Diehl
Miriam W. Dynan
William F. Hager
Dorothy Hittell
Marguerite Huff
Mary Ellen Keller
Florence G. Kistler
Marjorie T. Kulaitis
Miriam T. Landis
Franklin H. Markley
Anna C. and Robert E. Mengel
Robert F. Moll
Barbara D. Mulholland
Betty Ann Saylor
Ruth P. Seruga
Eleanor Shoemaker
Evelyn M. Stewart
Barbara Stoudt
The Waldman Family
Pearle Wasserman
Arthur Wolf

To learn more about how you can support Via, contact:

Julie Scheck, Director of Development and Communications | 610-317-8000 x 430