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Eileen, fondly nicknamed Chippy by Via staff, was the youngest of nine children with a big extended family.  She received services from Via for 38 years. For much of this time, she proudly earned a paycheck in Via’s Vocational Workshop. As her needs changed, she participated in Via’s Creative Expressions program where she produced lovely art projects and celebrated her love of music.  After this was no longer possible, Via staff went to her home and took her out to access community activities. When she passed away in 2021, her family asked for donations to Via. “As a family, we are eternally grateful to Via for the outstanding care provided for our beautiful sister,” they told us in a letter.

Eileen will always be known for her compassionate heart, innate strength and vibrant spirit. She will forever be a part of the Via family.


Kim receives services through Via’s Community Connections program, and she is a valued employee in the Community Employment department.  She works as the logistics coordinator and does a variety of integral tasks that help the department, and the whole agency, to run smoothly.

Kim uses her time in Community Connections to work on physical well-being.  She accesses a local gym at least twice a week to ensure a healthy lifestyle.  She gives back to her community by volunteering at a variety of community outlets, like a food shelter, a thrift store and a library.  Personal growth is one of her top priorities, and Via’s staff is helping her explore skills that will help her to socialize with community members, increase her ability to focus, and practice conflict resolution in order to develop and maintain personal relationships.


Amanda is confident, social, intelligent, and a great judge of character.  As a young adult, Amanda struggled with moving outside of her comfort zone and exploring her independence.  She enrolled in Via’s teen program and now receives support through Via’s Autism Services.

Via helped Amanda get a job with Home Depot.  She lives on her own and is learning how to budget for rent, transportation, food and activities – and even for splurges like art supplies and video games.

She works every day with her Via team to strengthen her daily living, homemaking and interpersonal skills so it is possible for her to live independently and achieve a high level of success.

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