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Today we wanted to share an interesting article about a mother and her son’s experience in meeting state orders to wear mask when in public. The article, “Mom Explains That If Her Severely Autistic Son Can Get Used To Wearing A Mask, Anyone Can” discusses the importance of wearing masks and acknowledges the many challenges some may face. There are many strong opinions about wearing masks right now and the goal of this email is not to spark that debate, but to incite hope in supporters who are concerned for the ones they support who may not understand, be able to, or are averse to wearing a mask. 

What we really want to highlight is the approach this mom took to treating mask wearing as a skill using natural opportunities to teach and encourage her son to wear a mask when she knew it was difficult for him.  Her approach included modeling wearing a mask, having others model, and building up mask tolerance in increments.  We hope that this will spark some discussions around why individuals may find wearing a mask to be difficult while inciting a systematic plan to work with the individual to get to a place where they can wear a mask along with other member’s of their communities.

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