When you volunteer, you give part of yourself – your time, talent, energy and skills. You give back to your family and friends, to your neighbors, and to your community.  When you volunteer at one of Via’s special events or in the Thrift Stores, you’re supporting Via’s mission to help people live up to their full potential.

Current Volunteer Opportunities:

Via’s Special Events

Via hosts many events throughout the year, including the St. Luke’s Via Marathon, Via All-Star Basketball Classic and the Via Golf Classic. Volunteers are needed for all aspects of event management prior to and the day of the event.

Volunteers are an essential part of fulfilling Via’s mission. If you would like to volunteer your time to Via in other ways, please contact us.  We will work with you to create a unique and rewarding volunteer opportunity. Volunteers must be age 16 or older. Community Service hours are available for students.


To volunteer, please contact:
Jill Kares, Human Resources Director
J.Kares@vianet.org | 484-893-5373

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