Truman Frey

  • Bethlehem High School player (class of 1937)
    • Lettered his junior and senior years.
    • 1st team All-State (1937)
    • Truman played and jumped center.  His extraordinary jumping ability made him a top player in the era of the enter jump after each basket.
  • Founder of the Eyeglass Fund Basketball Game (1948-1970)
    • He was chairman and chief talent recruiter for the American Business Club’s Eyeglass Fund game from 1948 until his death in 1970.  Under his guidance the Eyeglass Fund game became recognized throughout the state of Pennsylvania and beyond as one of the top charity/exhibition high school events.  The
      two Bethlehem high schools at the time, Bethlehem and Bethlehem Catholic served as the host teams.  The game evolved into a showcase between Bethlehem, a perennial powerhouse and some of the legendary teams in Western PA as well as elsewhere.  The first of these great teams to participate was Palmerton with the Milkvy’s and then Trenton Catholic, but the mystique reached its highest points in 1961 and 1962 when Farrell and Uniontown were Bethlehem opponents.  Farrell and Uniontown were PIAA champions. Bethlehem beat both and cemented its statewide reputation.  The hospitality shown visiting teams was second to none at the time and the competition provided local fans was first class.  Later attractions included Catasauqua with the great Larry Miller and the legendary DeMatha Catholic (Washington, DC).
    • After his death a trophy, the Truman L Frey Memorial, was established for the winner of the Bethlehem high school’s (Liberty, Freedom and Bethlehem Catholic) city series.
    • Additionally, Truman and his son Barry may well have been the first father-son All-State basketball pair.  Truman was named All-State in 1937 and Barry made the AP All-State team in 1963.
    • Truman was also a top track athlete who set District XI records in the broad jump, high jump and 440 relay.  His broad jump record lasted 21 years until state champion broad jumper and basketball hall of famer Al Senavitis broke the mark.  After high school he set his sights on the 1940 Olympics in the triple jump (hop, step and jump then).  World War II intervened and the Olympics were canceled before he could realize that dream.
    • He was also an outstanding baseball player who earned a tryout with the St Louis Browns plus a top softball pitcher and single digit golfer.
    • In addition to being one of the top players of his era, Truman took his love of the game to another level by providing several generations of Bethlehem basketball players and fans with top flight competition and entertainment.  In so doing he helped expose local players to talent from other regions and to media from other regions contributing greatly to enhance statewide reputation enjoyed by Bethlehem basketball in the 50s and 60s.

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