Tips & Strategies on How to Provide Remote Services Shared by ODP & BSASP

Put these tips into practice by a) assisting the individual to assess what they are currently doing, what they could do right now, and what they could work into their routine later, b) identifying where the individual needs assistance or can work on or manage independently and c) regardless of the amount of assistance one needs, creating checklists to maintain healthy self-management routines as a means to review and monitor progress could also be considered.

Adjusting to new ways of supports during this time can be difficult for all of us.  When engaging in remote supports, consider how you might use a person’s interests, preference, and choice to promote engagement. 

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • If you don’t already have an understanding of the individual’s interests and preferences, spend time developing rapport to assess that. Think about how those interests might naturally relate to the individual’s goals.
  • Watch a video clip, a television show, or read something together related to the individual’s interest and use that to work on communication and conversation skills.
  • Together, create a schedule of your remote support time where each of you chooses an activity that balances goals with interests and goals that may not be of interest for that individual. Set a time limit for each activity. 
  • Promote self-determination and control: are there ways to infuse opportunities for the individual to decide what to do, when to do it, how to do it, etc.? Can the individual exercise choice during the time you are supporting him/her (e.g., if practicing proper technique for washing hands, can he/she choose materials that they have available)?
  • Offer breaks when it is evident that the individual is frustrated. Develop a list of quick and interest-based activities that you can work on together during those breaks.  Keep the breaks just long enough to regain composure so you can return to the task at hand.
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