ViaWorks Small Group Employment

ViaWorks Small Group Employment helps people with disabilities enter the workforce, be a part of the community, and earn a paycheck.

What Is ViaWorks?

Via is committed to providing employment options for people with disabilities.  ViaWorks Small Group Employment empowers adults with disabilities to work in integrated community settings.

Under the supervision of job coaches, our team works side by side with the employees of local businesses.  There are currently Small Group Employment sites at Cigars International, Greater Valley YMCA – Easton, Inmar Inc., and Via Thrift Stores.

Is ViaWorks for Me?

ViaWorks is for people focused on getting a job and interested in learning new skills in a supportive, hands-on environment.  Individuals who participate are supported by an onsite coordinator and job coaches throughout each shift, and they are paid minimum wage.

Work duties at Cigars International include:

  • Light manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Skilled
  • Warehouse experience
  • And more!

Work duties at the Greater Valley YMCA include:

  • Clean communal spaces and private offices
  • Floor care
  • Trash collection & removal
  • Interior window cleaning
  • Stock and maintain supply rooms
  • Follow all health and safety regulations

Supervisors and job coaches work with individuals to learn and improve:

  • Task completion, quality of work, and production speed
  • Teamwork, accountability, and positive work habits
  • A variety of job tasks

Those interested in participating should have a goal of obtaining a job in the community.  Participants will be required to pursue employment through the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation within the first 90 days of the program.

This program supports participants by strengthening work skills and professional habits. Individuals may participate in ViaWorks and Community Employment services at the same time.  Individuals may attend ViaWorks no more than 3 days a week.

Cigars International, Inc.  |  Bethlehem, PA

Cigars International, Inc. located in South Bethlehem, has 250 employees in their 80,000 square foot warehouse.  Via Transitional Employment teams work side by side with Cigars International’s employees to produce high-quality products.  Via Transitional Employment is a vital part of Cigars International’s business and workplace culture.

Greater Valley YMCA  |  Easton, PA

The Greater Valley YMCA is an  inclusive organization of men, women and children joined together by a shared commitment to nurturing the potential of kids, promoting healthy living and fostering a sense of social responsibility.


For more information, contact:
Kim Tracy, Admissions Manager | 610-317-8000 x461

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