FAQs – Teen Experience

When is Teen Winter Experience 2019?

Teen Winter Experience 2019 is held from December 26 – December 29.

When is Teen Summer Experience 2019?

Teen Summer Experience 2018 is held from June 10 – August 16.

Where Do I Apply?

Apply Now

Are scholarships available?

Scholarships are available to students in selected school districts.  For more information, please contact Delaney Varano, 610-317-8000 x444.

FAQs Once Enrolled

Where do I meet Via staff in the morning?

All teens participating should report to Northeast Middle School in Bethlehem, PA. We enter the school down by the Auditorium/Gymnasium.

Do I need to bring a lunch and drink every day?

Please bring a bagged lunch and drink daily, or money to purchase lunch. Bottled water will be provided throughout the day.  There may be special activities, such as picnics, where you do not need to bring a lunch from home.  Via will send a note home with you the day before, outlining all the details.

How will I know what activities are planned for each day?

A weekly schedule will be sent out between Friday and Sunday with the activities planned for the upcoming week.  This schedule will be sent through email, to the email provided during registration and confirmed at intake.

 Should I bring/wear my swimsuit each day?

Swimming is not a daily activity.  Swimming dates will be indicated on the weekly schedule.  On swim days, please make sure to also bring a towel, bathing suit, and sunscreen; Via will supply pool passes.

How will my parents know what happened each day?

Each day, Via staff will send a note home with you that includes the following information: the target skill for the day, how you worked on that skill, the activities in which you participated, and the progress of those activities.

What should I wear?

Please dress for comfort and the weather (shorts, sneakers, sunscreen, etc.).  Remember that you will be volunteering/job shadowing and participating in career-related activities.  Also, make sure to check the weekly schedule to reference the activities for that week.

Who should we contact in case of emergency, early pickup time, or calling off for the day?

Please contact Delaney Varano at 610-317-8000 x444.

Will my entire day be spent outdoors?

Yes, with the exception of special field trips and inclement weather.  Although staff will be aware of your allergies, including sensitivity to the sun, it would be helpful if you have this knowledge as well.

Can I switch which days I want to come?

In order to ensure appropriate staffing on any given day, we are not able to accommodate switching days.  You will participate in a variety of fun activities throughout the entire summer. Please make sure you choose the dates you want to attend wisely.


For more information, contact:
Delaney Varano, Community Connections Coordinator
D.Varano@ViaNet.org | 610-317-8000 x444

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