Tips & Strategies on How to Provide Remote Services Shared by ODP & BSASP 

As the country responds to current events around the importance of equality for all, you may be thinking how to support individuals in processing the information and reacting in a way that is meaningful to them. It is important to support their journey to understand what is going on and to have access to credible information in a way that supports their learning style. As of the writing of this email, there are few resources about the current events available that are tailored to the disability population, which means we all may need to use our best judgment to customize information to meet the needs of those we support. 

For some, there may be a fear of the general uncertainty of what will happen over the next few days, weeks, or months.  Many of the strategies available in these resources might be helpful:

Others people may want to get involved, including attending protests or vigils. If you or are individuals you support are planning to be a part of any protest, vigil or other large gathering, please be sure to be mindful of COVID precautions.

It's your turn

How to get involved