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Via of the Lehigh Valley is a leader in employment training and placement and has helped thousands of people with disabilities to gain meaningful employment in their communities.  Hundreds of business partners have prospered by hiring these dedicated, quality employees.

Need help meeting production demands?  ViaWorks Temporary Employment Services can save you time and money, and improve productivity.

What is ViaWorks?

To meet ever-changing workforce needs, businesses are turning to Via to strengthen their labor force.  ViaWorks teams range in size from as few as three to 30 or more.  ViaWorks teams are paid and insured through Via of the Lehigh Valley, minimizing your businesses’ administrative costs.

We can provide a variety of services at your site, including:

  • Packaging Teams
  • Skilled Production Teams
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Warehouse Stocking
  • Janitorial
  • Laundry Services
  • Housekeeping
  • Food Service (prep, clean up, delivery)
  • Courier & Delivery Services (onsite)
  • Clerical (copying, shredding)
  • Patient transport
  • Sterilization of equipment
  • Stocking supplies & surgical trays
  • And more!

Our professional staff works alongside the ViaWorks team, ensuring high-quality work and helping them assimilate into your work culture.

A dedicated, on-site supervisor will:

  • Work with your company to learn job responsibilities
  • Train and oversee the ViaWorks team
  • Oversee ViaWorks job coaches, who provide continuous supervision of the team
  • Uphold all company policies and procedures
  • Help interpret and implement the Americans with Disabilities Act

Why Choose ViaWorks?

ViaWorks trains individuals with disabilities, teaching them job skills so they may lead independent, productive lives in the community.  ViaWorks doesn’t just provide excellent work at a competitive rate, it offers you an opportunity to diversify your workforce – and help decrease the 75% unemployment rate of people with disabilities.  Contracting with ViaWorks helps people with disabilities to enter the work force, be a part of a community, and gain economic self-sufficiency through earning a real paycheck.

ViaWorks at Cigars International

Cigars International has hosted ViaWorks in their 80,000-square foot warehouse in South Bethlehem since September 2015.  The Via team of 50 works side-by-side with Cigars International Employees to produce high quality work, and have become an integral part of the company’s business and workplace culture.

“Via has been an asset to the sampling department at Cigars International. Via’s workers improved and exceeded our product’s quality and our overall production. Each day, the Via team arrives ready to work, with a positive attitude; it’s clear that each worker is happy to be here. That attitude promotes positivity within the warehouse. Working side by side with the Via team improves the entire department’s morale and work environment. I cannot stress how important Via is to our department and to the warehouse as a whole.”

Ashley Peiffer
Cigars International, Sampler Lead


For more information, contact:
Sean Hartman, Director of Small Group Employment | 610-317-8000

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