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After living with his aunt for many years, Gary now lives independently in his own apartment.

He cooks his own meals, has learned to budget and build a savings account, and he recently adopted a cat.  He takes real pride in his home, and he makes sure it’s always spotless!

With the help of Via’s staff, he is able to pay his own bills, attend doctor’s appointments and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  For the first time in his life, he goes to the gym multiple times per week.  He’s also enjoying being out and about through volunteering his time at Meals on Wheels.


When Alan started working with Community Connections, he wasn’t interested in trying anything new.  He was focused on his routine and didn’t want to alter his daily activities.  He often refused to go to volunteer sites and wouldn’t talk with his peers or other volunteers.

Today, you can catch Alan at any number of community sites volunteering with his friends.

One of Alan’s volunteer sites, Meals on Wheels, involves interaction with other community members on a consistent basis, and Alan jokes with the customers at every stop.  Alan continues to develop communication and other life skills needed for independent living, and he has developed bonds and relationships within his community.

Meals on Wheels – Helping Build a Healthier, Happy Community

Hillary Clinton reminded us it takes a village to raise a child; but what about our grandma’s and grandpa’s? It takes all of us to assist these neighbors who are friends and families.

Staff and consumers of Via are playing a large role in this endeavor. Each week, year round, Via delivers approximately 40 meals on 6 routes. In addition, Via grocery shops weekly for three clients who do have family in the area to help them obtain the necessities of life. The impact of the Via staff and consumers service is felt everyday by Meals on Wheels clients. They greet each client with a smile and a meal. They inform the Meal on Wheels staff when a client needs to have a friend or family member check on them. Without the dedicated service of the Via community to help others in need, our job at Meals on Wheels would be made more difficult in reaching out to our neighbors. The impact of Via staff and consumers goes beyond helping the client. We are blessed with smiles and stories from Via consumers when they come into greet us before they go to deliver.

Neighbor helping neighbor is essential to the success of the Meal on Wheels service. The staff and consumers of Via are one of the keys that help us unlock the doors of loneliness and isolation felt by many and in return the rewards for serving others is a healthier, happier community.

Gratefully yours,
Emily Vadasz, Meals on Wheels

For more information, contact:
Denise Pioli, Community Education Director | 610-317-8000 x467

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