Community Mentoring & Habilitation

It is essential for people with disabilities to be part of the communities in which they live.  Via helps people gain access to different volunteer, educational and recreation opportunities – and helps them learn how to access them independently.   Individuals explore interests and learn preferences while working on vocational, socialization, and communication skills.

 Who Is Eligible to Receive Services Through Community Connections?

Community Connections supports adults at all different stages of their lives, from recent high school graduates transitioning into adulthood, to people of retirement age staying active and continuing to access the network of friends and they’ve built over the years.

What Does Community Connections provide?

Via helps people discover and identify their preferences and choose community activities in which they can participate as independently as possible. These experiences facilitate interpersonal relationships and allow people to explore vocational options. Via staff coaches people individually or in small groups on vocational skills, volunteerism, public transportation, socialization, communication skills and recreation.

 Community Connections offers:

  • Individualized volunteer opportunities at more than 20 local organizations.
  • Life skills development for students transitioning from high school to adulthood.
  • Recreational activities tailored to individual preferences.
  • Opportunities to participate in continuing education and enrichment courses.
  • Independent living opportunities through supported living in the community.


For more information, please contact:
Chelsea Hamm, Community Connections Manager| 610-317-8000 x499

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