Systematic Skill Building

What is Systematic Skill Building?

Systematic Skill Building helps people reach their goals and objectives using applied behavioral analysis, a method proven effective for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Using task analyses and other tools rooted in Systematic Instruction, Via’s Systematic Skill Specialists develop step-by-step plans to teach individuals a variety of tasks and skills.  By spending time observing an individual receiving this support, the Skill Specialist ensures the Systematic Skill Plan provides the appropriate level of support in every phase of teaching a new skill.

Individuals receive feedback regarding their progress in a way that is empirical and meaningful for future planning.  Ongoing support and instruction are provided to ensure the plan is implemented consistently by all team members, in order to create an environment that facilitates successful learning opportunities.

Who Is Eligible for Systematic Skill Building?

This service is offered to individuals who receive funding through the Adult Autism Waiver.

For more information, contact:
Denise Pioli, Vice President of Services | 610-317-8000 x467

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