Our mission is to help the people we serve reach their full potential.

Children’s Services

  • Early Intervention
    Provides essential treatment therapies such as speech, physical, occupational and adaptive behavior therapy.
  • Lehigh Children’s Academy
    Provides high quality, nurturing care, and education for young children and before and after-school care for school age children..

Employment Services

  • Community Employment
    Via provides job development, job coaching and follow-along support to adults with disabilities so they can work in the community.
  • Via Student Work Experience
    This innovative, paid work based learning experience is for students with disabilities age 14 to 21, provided at no cost to students and families, supports students in preparation, attainment and retention of competitive employment.
  • School-to-Work Transition Services
    Via works with one on one with students in partnership with school districts to create a personalized plan for young adults preparing for the next step after high school – employment.
  • Small Group Employment
    Via Transitional Employment teams work onsite at local companies and provide contract services for Lehigh Valley employers.
  • Via Business & Industrial Services
    Specializing in contract packaging and assembly work, Via provides consistent high-quality work for businesses including specialty and promotional packaging, display assembly, and small parts assembly.

Community Connections

  • Community Mentoring
    Helps individuals discover preferences to choose appropriate recreational activities.

Adult Training Services


For admission or program information, contact:
Kim Tracy, Admissions Manager | 610-317-8000 x461

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