Early Literacy Promise Project – Reading Together At Home

Children who are exposed to reading at a young age are better prepared for school. It has been shown that exposure to pre-reading and reading skills greatly increase a child’s overall ability to read, write and learn.

What Is Early Literacy?

Every encounter a child has with language is a form of early literacy:  hearing a parent’s voice, holding a book, listening to and singing songs, watching family members read, recognizing letters and their sound, and listening and responding to stories.  Early literacy starts at birth, and it’s so much more than being able to read, write, and understand language.

What Does Reading Together at Home Offer?

Via’s Reading Specialists come to your home once a week to:

  • Teach children and families early literacy skills in a fun, interactive way.
  • Work directly with families in their own homes or in the community, once a week.
  • Provide a complimentary book at each session.

Does My Family Qualify for Reading Together at Home?

To qualify, families:

  • Must live in city of Allentown.
  • Have a child age 5 or younger.
  • Must be available to participate in a one-hour session, once a week.


This program, funded in part by the Verna O. Canova Foundation, the PPL Foundation and Martin Sheffield, is FREE for families who participate.


For more information, contact:
Marie Andrew, Children’s Services Director
Director@LehighChildrensAcademy.com | 610-841-5801

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