Volunteer Sites

Via staff develop volunteer opportunities at local organizations, and then match individuals based on their personal interests.  We help each person gain valuable vocational skills, learn volunteer responsibilities and develop friendships with other volunteers.

Volunteer sites include:

  • 6th Street Food Bank
  • 6th Street Shelter
  • Allentown YMCA/YWCA
  • Bethlehem YMCA
  • Boys & Girls Club of Allentown
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Good Shepherd
  • Lehigh Valley Arts Council
  • Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • Lehigh Valley Health Network
  • Luthercrest
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Phoebe Home
  • Salvation Army


For more information, contact:
Denise Pioli, Community Education Director
D.Pioli@ViaNet.org | 610-317-8000 x467

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