Tips & Strategies on How to Provide Remote Services Shared by ODP & BSASP 

Now that people are starting to grow somewhat accustomed to the shelter-in-place orders and social isolation, there might be some stagnation that is setting in as you try to work with the individual’s you support. We have already sent some tips on Modifying Goals and Routines and Introducing Remote Supports, but here are some more specific examples of some skills to work on during this time.

  1. Keeping inventory of essential items
    1. Create a schedule to check on the status of essential items based off the individual’s temporal preferences (daily, weekly, etc.)
    2. Create a task analysis for online shopping and/or keeping a physical shopping list
    3. Create a task analysis for managing medication refills
  1. Keeping in touch
    • Make a list of people the individual wants to keep in touch with and assist the individual with initial outreach
    • Teach the basics of social media or other preferred technology, when needed 
    • Create a schedule for periodic check ins with others
  2. Keeping up to date
    • Explore the individual’s preferences for following updated COVID-19 information
    • Teach the basics of social media or other preferred technology, when needed 
    • Help the individual set up routine to help avoid media overload
  3. Staying Safe and Healthy
    • Create a routine task analysis on daily hygiene behaviors
    • Download the social stories available at the bottom of this link to review periodically with the individual to reinforce proper handwashing routines
    • Review this Infection Prevention in the Home resource.

If you are looking for ideas and tool examples to support some of the above, potential goals, check out the Supporting Individuals with Autism through Uncertain Times packet.

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