Early Intervention

What Is Early Intervention?

Via recognizes that all children develop in unique ways.  At times, children experience delays in their development.  Via’s Early Intervention services, offered to children from birth through age three, enhance a child’s development and provides support and assistance to families and caretakers.

At the most critical time in a child’s life, our therapists address delays in development and disabilities in infants and toddlers.  To better serve families, we visit children in their homes, communities and childcare facilities. Caregivers are included in the teaching process so therapy can continue in all aspects of the child’s environment.

Early intervention builds upon the natural learning that occurs in a child’s first few years. Via supports more than 250 children and families in Lehigh and Northampton Counties, offering speech, occupational and physical therapies, as well as special instruction.

Is My Child Eligible for Early Intervention Services?

Infants and toddlers are eligible to receive Early Intervention services when they have been identified as having a delay or disability in one or more of the following:

  • Physical development (including vision and hearing)
  • Cognitive development
  • Communication development
  • Sensory development
  • Social-emotional development
  • Adaptive development


For more information, contact:
Suzanne Curry, Early Intervention Manager
S.Curry@vianet.org  |  610-841-5801

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