The news and updates related to the pandemic have been rolling out fast and changing constantly. That makes it difficult for anyone to keep up with the most up to date information. This is especially true for individuals that might need additional time to process information or may need the information presented in a different way. It’s important to remind ourselves that people learn differently (regardless of any diagnosis they may carry). With that understanding, we must try to meet the individual needs of the people we support. 

When sharing information with the individuals you support, take careful consideration of how often you need to share and revisit content.  Consider how the individual learns best and try to find or create resources that will meet that individual’s needs. For example, do they learn best from text, infographics, videos, narrated story, or other means? Anytime you are presenting important information, be sure to check for understanding (e.g., repeat the concept back or give an example).  If the individual does not demonstrate understanding, that is a good sign that an alternative method of information delivery is worth exploring or there may be a need for you to fill in the information gap.  

To make information sharing easier, here are some modified resources are available in our archives:

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