Success Stories

Arielle – Yocco’s

Like so many young adults searching for employment, Arielle wanted to find a job that provided her with a sense of accomplishment, the opportunity to connect with other people, and the ability to earn a steady paycheck.  Working in the community was always Arielle’s goal, and she began using Via’s Community Employment Services to help her realize it.

With the help of Via’s staff, Arielle found a job at the new Yocco’s in the South Mall, where she has worked since November of 2016.

She is learning new skills, taking on additional responsibilities, and putting on her Yocco’s shirt before a shift makes her feel like part of a team.  Arielle says that her job makes her happy, and that she’s proud of being a good employee.  She enjoys working independently, and she loves interacting with the people she meets at the restaurant.

Robert – Josh Early Candies

Robert started at Josh Early Candies as a shy young man who never had a job before. Having recently graduated from high school, this was the first time Robert took steps towards personal independence, away from school and family. And there were a lot of new challenges Robert was eager to face.

From navigating public transportation to learning time management to ensure he was at work on time, Robert met every challenge head-on. Robert and his Job Coach started by learning the ropes at Josh Early, and in a few weeks, he mastered his job responsibilities.  Conquering public transportation was next on the list.  Robert’s Job Coach helped him identify the bus route that would take him to work, and after riding the route for a few weeks with his Coach, Robert was confident he could manage the 40 minute ride and two transfers on his own.

A year later, Robert’s Coach checks in with him once every two weeks at Josh Early. Robert’s job responsibilities continue to grow, and he will tell you he really likes to help make candy. From sifting the topping for nonpareils to pouring chocolate on pecan nut clusters, Robert takes pride in making the highest quality chocolates to satisfy the sweetest sweet tooth in the Lehigh Valley.

Because of dedication and hard work, Robert has his own income, is enjoying his independence, and has a whole new set of co-workers and friends.

For more information, contact:
Alivia Weidler, Intake Manager, OVR Services | 610-628-2326 x502

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