Helping Businesses Meet Employment & Production Goals

Need help filling open positions?  Looking for dedicated employees and want to diversify your workforce?  Unable to meet production goals and need a contractor that provides high-quality results?  Via can help you succeed with our Business Solutions.

Quality Staffing Solutions 

Tell us what positions you need to fill and we’ll work with you to find the right fit! 

Via is a leader in employment training and has helped thousands of people with disabilities gain meaningful employment in our community.  Hundreds of companies have prospered by hiring dedicated, quality employees while diversifying their workforce.

Via works with businesses to match job seekers who will enhance your company’s productivity, efficiency, and profitability.  We work with job seekers one-on-one to understand their unique skills, capabilities, and needs – and continue to support them after they have been hired with mentoring and coaching. With our experience and expertise, we know how to find the types of jobs and working environments where our job seekers can add value and thrive.

Via partners with businesses to truly understand their staffing needs, business, and culture, and works with them to successfully integrate our job seekers into their workforce. Via provides consultation and assistance to the employer and on-the-job training and orientation for the employee.

For more information, click here to view a brochure or contact:
Alivia Sinko, Director of Community Employment| 610-628-2326, x501

ViaWorks – Contract Employment Services

Through ViaWorks, Via offers businesses excellent workers at competitive rates while diversifying your workforce.  ViaWorks teams are made up of people with disabilities who are paid and insured through Via of the Lehigh Valley, minimizing businesses’ administrative costs. 

ViaWorks provides your business with a dedicated onsite supervisor who works with your company to learn job responsibilities, trains and oversees the ViaWorks team, and upholds all company policies and procedures.  The ViaWorks team includes job coaches who provide continuous supervision of the team. 

ViaWorks’ teams provide a variety of services at your site, including packaging, skilled production, light manufacturing, and warehouse stocking as well as janitorial, laundry, housekeeping, food, and clerical services.

To learn more, click here to view a brochure or contact:
Sean Hartman, Director of ViaWorks Employment Services| 610-317-8000 x419

Contract Packaging & Assembly Services

Since 1952, Via has specialized in contract packaging and assembly work providing consistent, high-quality results for business.  Services include custom hand assembly, sorting and inspecting, mechanical assembly, packaging, kitting and hot gluing, labeling, collating, folding, mailing, and more.

Via’s diverse customer base includes Crayola, Reeb, ReaDeeming Beauty, Delta Industries, and St. Luke’s University Health Network.  From consultation to supervision and quality controls, Via adheres to strict guidelines to ensure excellent service and results. 

Via offers timely quotes, competitive pricing, a dedicated workforce, pick-up and delivery, and flexibility. 

For more information, click here to view a brochure or contact:
Abby Knibbs, Production and Systems Manager| 610-317-8000 x477

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