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Via Employment Services - Via Work Training Services Workshop

Via Work Training Services WorkshopEverybody Works
Via’s Employment services are based on the belief that Everybody Works™ and no one should be excluded.  Work is a typical part of adult life and everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from being a part of the employed community.  A job offers more than a paycheck; having a job means having a place to go and something important to do. A job provides a chance to meet new people, establish friendships and enjoy the company of others. Work means learning something new, practicing old skills and making a contribution by accomplishing something meaningful.

Employment Adds Purpose to Our Lives
Via believes everyone can work and supports Employment First initiatives.  We also realize that families, caregivers and people with disabilities may want or need a stepping stone to adult services or community involvement. The Via Work Training Services Workshop assists individuals and their teams understand what services are available, explores funding sources and works with teams to transition individuals into more inclusive services.

Via Listens, Via Advocates, Via gets Results
For more than 50 years, the Via Work Training Services Workshop specializes in contract packaging and assembly work, and provided consistent high-quality work for businesses.  Our work includes specialty and promotional packaging, display assembly, and small parts assembly. Our diverse customer base includes some of the most well-known eastern Pennsylvania companies.

On the work floor, the Via Work Training Services Workshop offers a safe, comfortable and friendly environment where individuals can improve independence, enhance work skills, develop friendships and receive training on a variety of health and safety topics.

There are four levels of supervision provided in our Pre-Vocational Program: one supervisor for one individual  (Pre-Vocational Level 3 W7090), one supervisor for 10 individuals (Pre-Vocational Level 1 – W7088), one supervisor per six individuals (Pre-Vocational Level 2 - W7089) or one supervisor per fifteen individuals (Pre-Vocational Base - W7087).


For more information, contact:
Lowell King | 610-317-8000 x485